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Think Microsoft Paint Sucks? Wait Till You See This

I used to think that Microsoft Paint was just a bare-bones basic image editing software that couldn’t really serve much use — clunky and under-featured. Until I saw this video. Then I thought maybe the problem lay with me 😀

Just look at how this guy does it — it’s AMAZING. He/she completely reproduces the Mona Lisa, and in under 3 hours!

Ms Paint: Painting Mona Lisa – video powered by Metacafe

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  1. I strongly suspect special effects at work. Theoretically, yes, you can reproduce ALMOST anything with pretty much any widely available bare-bones drawing program. But that is because all digital image files are broke up into indivisible pixels. If you can match the color value and position of all pixels, you can reproduce the image. Of course it is an extremely time consuming process requiring infinite patience and superhuman hand-eye coordination.

    I suspect the video to be faked because the author used ordinary drawing tools such as the paint brush, filler, and spray paint. The spray paint produces a RANDOM scattering of pixels in a circular area. The filler covers the entire page, or an “airtight” area of the same color pixels, with a particular color. Neither can accomplish the intricate shading necessary to reproduce the Mona Lisa. Plus the artist used about seven colors in concentric layers! If you examine a photo-realistic image under close magnification, you will find dozens of colors and shades used in a row.

  2. Fartbot, your analysis is professional and concise, and your arguyments are solid and substantial. As impressive as this video is, and as well as it gets its message across, namely that a good artist can work with even minimal tools, it has to be voted a fake.

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