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How To Open All Mailto Links With GMail Automatically in Firefox

gmail logo The great thing about Firefox is that it has a built-in option to set mailto links to open up in GMail. That means you don’t have to stick with Outlook or Thunderbird or any of the desktop programs. To change your mailto handler in Firefox, just go to Tools > Options > Applications tab, and then type “mailto” into the search box. Next, click on the drop-down menu and select Gmail. Now, any hyperlinked email address that you click in Firefox will be opened in Gmail automatically!

How To Fix PDF Files Showing Up As A Blank Page in FireFox

Recently, I realized that any PDF files that I was trying to view in my browser suddenly could not display. Whenever I click on a link to view a PDF file, I end up seeing a blank page. I didn’t do anything to Firefox, nor to Adobe Reader, and when I went to Tools > Options > Applications, everything was still under Adobe, so I didn’t understand what happened.

foxit pdf

It was until I went to Tools > Add-ons > Plugins that I realized that Foxit had installed a PDF viewer plugin. So I disabled it immediately from the menu. Problem was, the plugin was still there because there wasn’t an option to uninstall it, and I didn’t like having it hang around.

The solution was to physically delete the plugin, and this you can do by searching for “npFoxitReaderplugin.dll”, or by going to your Mozilla Firefox plugins directory (should be in your program files folder, /Mozilla Firefox/Plugins), and then deleting the offending .dll file. Once you do that, just restart Firefox, and you should have your PDF displaying properly now.

Top Cute Kitchen Utensils

The following are some wonderful examples of cutensils. What’s a cutensil you say?

Cutensil (kyoo.TEN.sul) n. A kitchen implement or other utensil with a cute design

Didn’t know that too until very recently heh. Check some of these out, they’re bound to make cooking even more fun:

1. Mr. Potato Kitchen Utensils & Tools

Mr. Potato kitchen utensils are cute versions of everyday kitchen utensils such as potato peelers and mashers. They’re not just cute though, they’re also high-quality, rust-resistant, dishwasher safe, and made of stainless steel.

mr potato kitchen utensils

Featured in this picture are a vegetable peeler (4½” L, peels not just potatoes but other skinned fruits and vegetables as well), a durable potato masher (7½” H), and 4 microwave feet (each 2½” L) that keep your potatoes standing upright in the microwave/stove oven so that they bake evenly.

Mr. Potato Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

2. Butter Boy

Ever wondered how to be more efficient in buttering corn? The Butter Boy was invented just for this purpose – buttering corn, and manages to look really cute too. Just slide in a stick of butter, and start buttering!

corn butter boy

Butter Boy Green

3. Fiesta Head Chefs Utensils

cute head chefs kitchen utensils

Each vibrantly-colored Head Chef tool features bendable arms & legs, suction cup feet and a soft silicone body. The innovative design makes each tool completely functional and enjoyable for everyday use. As more and more kids discover the joys of cooking, these adorable tools will help families create memorable meals together while teaching the little ones the importance of nutrition and portions.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Suction cup feet allow the Head Chefs® to stand on their own
  • Each piece features cute, bendable arms and legs
  • Line includes an eggplant spoon, blueberry pastry brush, an apricot spatula, a lime whisk, a cherry measuring cup, a boysenberry turner, a tomato icing spreader, a banana sifter, a grape measuring spoon and mint child’s fork and child’s spoon.
  • Dishwasher Safe

Name Your Link

4. Egghead Utensils

Like Head Chefs. Egghead makes a bunch of adorable utensils as well, these are just some of the products that they make:

egghead egg utensils

The following is a great contraption that allows you to cook omelets in the microwave oven. The omelets are nice and fluffy, and ready to eat in less than 5 minutes. You can add vegetables such as onions and peppers, and your own garnishing like salt and pepper.

joie microwave omelet in a pot

Joie Microwave Omelet In a Pot

And this utensil are egg cups that hold your poached or soft boiled eggs. Children love eating out of this with the adorable egg characters!

egghead cups and spoons

Egghead Cups & Spoons

Check out the rest of the Egghead Products here.

5. McEgg Cup With Spoon & Egg Cracker

wmf mcegg cup with spoon and egg cracker

Another absolutely adorable egg cup!

WMF Children’s McEgg Cup with Spoon and Egg Cracker

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