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How To Convert G2M3 Encoded WMV Video Files Into Standard WMV Video Files

The G2M3 codec is a codec that GoToMeeting uses. Not all computers, including Macs, can play videos encoded with the G2M3 codec. To convert videos encoded with the G2M3 codec into the normal WMV video codec so that any computer can play it, you need to download the Window Media Encoder and convert the video file.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, download and install Window Media Encoder
  2. Go to Start Menu > Programs > Windows Media > Windows Media Encoder
  3. Choose to “Convert a File”
  4. For the Source file, browse to the WMV video file that you want to convert
  5. Choose “File Download” and click on Next
  6. For Video, choose DVD quality (1Mbps VBR) and for Audio, choose CD quality (VBR), and click on Next
  7. Click on Next again, there will be no changes on this screen
  8. Uncheck “Begin converting when I click Finish”, and click Finish
  9. Click on Properties > Compression > Edit
  10. Select everything in the Bit Rates box and click Edit
  11. Check the box that says “Same as video input”
  12. Click Ok > Apply > Start Encoding


How To Solve The Problem Of Always Having To Log On To A Network Drive In Windows

If you try to map a network drive in Windows, and use different user credentials, you’ll realise that you’ll need to always type in the username and password every single session. If you shut down your computer everyday, that means you’ll need to do this on a daily basis.

This is horrible too, if you have programs that automatically try to connect to your network drive, as it’ll most likely just fail.

The official solution from Microsoft is to make sure your user credentials on your local computer matches with that of the network drive that you’re trying to connect to. However, that’s hardly practical and probable in real-life.

The following solution is a simple line of code that you can save as a batch file that when run, creates a drive (Z: in this case) and automatically logs in for you. Set it to run whenever you log in by placing this batch file in your Start Menu/Startup folder.

net use Z: “\\\yourfolder” PASSWORD /USER:”yourusername” /PERSISTENT:YES

Note: You’ll have to disconnect your existing drives and make sure that the drive letter isn’t being in use for this batch file to work properly.

How To Open All Mailto Links With GMail Automatically in Firefox

gmail logo The great thing about Firefox is that it has a built-in option to set mailto links to open up in GMail. That means you don’t have to stick with Outlook or Thunderbird or any of the desktop programs. To change your mailto handler in Firefox, just go to Tools > Options > Applications tab, and then type “mailto” into the search box. Next, click on the drop-down menu and select Gmail. Now, any hyperlinked email address that you click in Firefox will be opened in Gmail automatically!

How To Disable GTalk (Google Talk) On Your Android Phone

I wanted to use both Windows Live and GTalk while on my Android phone, and I didn’t want the default GTalk app to run anymore, since there wasn’t much of a point running two apps for that when one would do.

It seemed like there were only 2 popular apps in the market for this – Fring, and Nimbuzz, both of which were free. After installing both, I decided to use Nimbuzz on my Android phone because it had a cleaner UI (Fring had a cutesy UI which was nice to look at, but harder to use, personally). I’m not sure too, but it also seemed quicker.

fring versus nimbuzz

The good thing about Nimbuzz (and Fring), is that it supports notification ringtones for incoming chat messages, so I actually have 4 different ringtones: phone calls, emails, SMS, and IM chat messages.

After a few hours with Nimbuzz though, I noticed a problem. Google Talk was still running, and any incoming GTalk messages would appear in both Nimbuzz and GTalk. That was weird though, because I used the Task Manager app and Google Talk didn’t appear in the list of running services. Advanced Task Killer didn’t show Google Talk as well, so it left me perplexed. Finally, after poking around the GTalk application, I found that if you go into Settings in the Menu, you can un-check the “Automatically sign in” option. Now go back to the menu and hit “Sign out”.

Now GTalk won’t run in the background!

How To Set A Different Ringtone For Emails and SMSes/Texts For Android Phones

It bugged me for a while, but I was wondering why emails and SMSes had the same ringtone, because there seemed to be only an option to set “notification ringtones” in Android’s settings. This was a bother, because I get tonnes of emails, and I want to be able to differentiate them from SMSes, which are way higher up in priority.

Turns out that you can. You just need to open up your Messaging app, then click on the menu button, and go to settings. You’ll find the option to set the ringtone for messages right at the bottom.

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