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How To Convert G2M3 Encoded WMV Video Files Into Standard WMV Video Files

The G2M3 codec is a codec that GoToMeeting uses. Not all computers, including Macs, can play videos encoded with the G2M3 codec. To convert videos encoded with the G2M3 codec into the normal WMV video codec so that any computer can play it, you need to download the Window Media Encoder and convert the video file.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, download and install Window Media Encoder
  2. Go to Start Menu > Programs > Windows Media > Windows Media Encoder
  3. Choose to “Convert a File”
  4. For the Source file, browse to the WMV video file that you want to convert
  5. Choose “File Download” and click on Next
  6. For Video, choose DVD quality (1Mbps VBR) and for Audio, choose CD quality (VBR), and click on Next
  7. Click on Next again, there will be no changes on this screen
  8. Uncheck “Begin converting when I click Finish”, and click Finish
  9. Click on Properties > Compression > Edit
  10. Select everything in the Bit Rates box and click Edit
  11. Check the box that says “Same as video input”
  12. Click Ok > Apply > Start Encoding


How To Solve The Problem of No Internet Connectivity with VirtualBox

virtualbox no internet connectivity I tried launching a Windows XP guest using VirtualBox (a free virtualisation software), and found myself in a copy of Windows without network connectivity. It was a trying problem that took me forever to figure out, but I managed to solve this problem by using the Intel network driver instead of the default PCnet-FAST III adapter (which seems to be hugely unpopular, at least from what the search results show).

With the Intel adapter, specifically the Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop network adapter, I could find the driver easily on Intel’s website (at

The problem is that it requires you to download the file with your host OS, and transfer it to your guest Windows XP installation via a shared folder. But once you do that, you can install the driver and be running with a solid Internet connection.

How To Install IonCube Loader On MAMP On Your Mac

ioncubeMAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a package that allows you to run your own PHP-enabled web server with MySQL easily on your Mac. However, if you’re looking for additional libraries like the ionCube libraries, you’ll need to download and install them yourself. That’s not bad because it’s not hard at all.

What you need is to go to, and download the ionCube loader file for your O/S version. For example, I’m running a Macbook Pro unibody, and so I get the x86 version of the loader.

Now once the file is on your computer, extract the contents and copy the file (e.g. ) into your MAMP’s PHP5 folder. For the default installation of MAMP, it should be this path:


Now you need to edit the php.ini, which is found here: /Applications/MAMP/conf/php5/php.ini

Scroll to line number 1085, hit enter, and then add this line:


That’s all there is to it! Just stop and start the MAMP servers, and you should now have ionCube loaders up and running with PHP!

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