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M1 3G / 3.5G Mobile Broadband Manual APN Configuration Settings

I now know the manual APN settings for M1 Singapore using the Huawei USB modem – after much pain. Great if you’re on Linux, Unix, Mac, or configuring a 3G router / access point (when the automatic installer won’t work). Here are the settings:

Dial Number: *99#
Password: ppp
PDP Type: IP
APN Name: sunsurf

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  1. thanks man…fedora 10 is now working like a dream on my old athlon64 3500, faster than windows was ever… and now, with broadband as well.. youÅ•e a star.Thanks for posting.

  2. Hey, luckily I found this. It works even for my newly bought China HP D6000 for my m1 mobile BB. By the way, M1 personel dont even know how to set it up when I called them. Thumbs up for you.

  3. Dear Alvin,
    You are real cool, I manage to use the given settings for connection to a industrial grade 3.5G Wireless Gateway with Huawei E220 USB modem.

    It will be great if you could publish the Manual APN settings for Starhub and SingTel too. Thank you and have a nice day

    Andrew Tay

  4. Dear Alvin,

    Thanks for the above settings. I just broke my Huawei USB modem, fortunately i have a spare Motorola V3xx and managed to connect using the above settings using my Mac. =) Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  5. Oh my god, THANK YOU. FINALLY, i can configure the E220 again after i screwed it up somehow. I don’t think that this is how i connected it the last time, but as long as it works, who’s complaining? 😀

  6. Thanks… for enduring the pain for the rest of us… kudos to u :)

  7. u r my saviour…it works on iphone 2 :)

  8. thx

    its very helpful and works.

  9. seriously, you rock man. totally a lifesaver for me.

  10. Thanks a lot man thus was a great help to use the routers. Do you have the apn and description fot malaysian providers digi, maxis and celcom. Facing the sane problem.

  11. thanks a lot man…

  12. Really helpful. I am not a very computer literate person and you always make things easy to understand. Thanks so much

  13. Thanks so much. The settings work and my huawei mobile modem can now work with an m1 sim.

  14. anyone else tried
    user 65
    password user123

    works too

  15. Thank you so much…it worked…

    Dial Number: *99# Username: Password: ppp PDP Type: IP APN Name: sunsurf

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