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How To Dynamically Insert Affiliate Links or Track Referrals With Aweber

If you are looking to build an email list, and want to be able to use custom variables in the emails that you send out, then this guide is for you. Here are some example use cases: Tag subscribers to affiliates, so that you can add their Clickbank hop ID to all your links, in Read More

How To Set Up Your Own VPN

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are beautiful things that allow you to get past firewalls, protect your data when you’re using WiFi networks of a suspicious nature (Free Airport Wifi?), and even get access to country-specific websites and services. You can get VPN service from VPN providers — or you can have your very own private Read More

How To Import Excel Dates Into MySQL Using PHPMyAdmin

I tried importing a CSV into PHPMyAdmin, and everything got imported successfully except the date. The date used in Excel is different from MySQL, and number formatting won’t work in this case. The only solution that I found was to create a new column, and apply this formula to it (assuming column A has dates Read More

How To Enable Gzip Compression

Whenever someone visits your website, your website’s server will deliver all the required files (text, CSS, HTML, etc) to the visitor’s computer. Logically, the bigger the files, the longer it takes for your website to load on your visitor’s computer. The main reason why gzip is important is because it speeds up file transfer speeds Read More

How To Output The Current Date in Javascript

Sometimes you want to display a date that’s based on your visitor’s computer’s time, and that’s when Javascript comes in handy because it’s client-side. Here’s code that will display today’s date in this format: Thursday, April 3 2014

How To Use AWeber Personalization Code And Variables

Personalization fields allow you to tailor your emails so that it appears like like a personal email to every one of your subscribers. With AWeber, you’re able to do this easily. Using personalisation fields in your AWeber emails is a simple 2-step process: Step 1: Craft your email message as you would normally, but when Read More

How To Randomly Select From A Record Based On Weight (PHP, MySQL)

I got this code from a brilliant comment here, and it’s a simple formula that allows you to randomly select from a database. The difference is, each record is weighted and the random sampling also takes that into account. For example, this will be very useful if you have several people in your database, and Read More