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How To Convert Open Office document (.odf) to Microsoft Office Document Format With A Converter

27. April 2009


Tweet If you have an Open Office document and want to convert it to Word or other Microsoft Office formats so that you can read it, then this is for you. Sometimes you might get a document in ODF format, which is the Open Office document format. This is a problem for some people because […]

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How To: Fix iPhone Froze, Can’t Turn Back On

23. April 2009


Tweet I wanted to reset all data and settings on my iPhone, so I went to the Settings >> General >> Reset Data function within the iPhone to do so, thinking that all would be fine. After I did that, my iPhone showed a moving progress bar for a long while, but then displayed the […]

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Portable Ubuntu – Linux That Runs Like a Windows Application

16. April 2009


Tweet If you’ve always wanted to try out Linux, but don’t want to leave Windows and meddle with dual boots and OS installations, then Portable Ubuntu is for you! Portable Ubuntu for Windows is a Ubuntu system running as a Windows application, so you can run it entirely within Windows. This system is built with […]

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The 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums of All Time

7. April 2009

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Tweet Amazon MP3 has an exciting set of new MP3 album releases for music fans of any genre from rock to hip hop, country, jazz, and beyond. This month Amazon is celebrating indie rock with a well-crafted list of the 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums of All Time and over 100 free songs from 12 […]

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Loud Sony Radio Alarm Clock Review

6. April 2009

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Tweet I’m terrible at waking up, because I get so busy that I don’t have enough sleep. So I need really good alarm clocks that are loud and reliable. I used to have a super loud alarm clock that could wake up the entire house (think of a rape alert with an alarm clock), but […]

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